Oxford Foundation Michigan

Activities and Programs

1. Funding for improvements in Executive Residences in Lansing and Mackinac Island.

Since Michigan voters in 1963 amended the Michigan Constitution to require that “an executive residence suitably furnished shall be provided at the seat of government for the use of the governor”, both state government and private citizens have contributed to the maintenance of the Governor’s Residence located on Oxford Road, in the beautiful Moores River Drive area of Lansing.

The Oxford Foundation, a charitable foundation, recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, has undertaken efforts to provide broad based private funding to maintain and upgrade this important and symbolic residence.  For example, in 1992, the Oxford Foundation replaced a substantial portion of the residence roof.  The Foundation is committed to raising funds for badly needed enhancements of the public areas of the Governor’s Residence.

When Gov. Granholm assumed office, the Oxford Foundation transferred to the Governor’s Residence Foundation, as a successor trustee for the Oxford Foundation, all assets related to the Governor’s Residence in Lansing and Mackinac Island.

2. Administered funds and placed media buys for the drug price web site promoted by the Attorney General.

3. Conducted the 2008 Leadership Conference: “Impact of National Financial Markets On State Economy.”

4. Sponsored the Black Elected Officials Tribute to Barack Obama in support of the One Laptop Per Child program in Africa.

5. Developed the “Strengthening Michigan’s Governing Institutions” as a multi-year effort designed to conduct needed research, develop and propose new approaches and provide ongoing private support for the key institutions in state government. Key elements are:

  • Focused research on strengthening the legislative function in a term-limited environment.
  • Development of specific tools and action steps for the Michigan Legislature to take to strengthen its law making, oversight and budgeting functions.
  • Conferences and meetings for legislators, staff and others involved in the legislative process to implement new tools.
  • Involvement of Michigan legislators in national meetings of state legislators focused on the governing institutions.
  • Development and proposal of strategies to enhance transparency in government, including both public access to information and inter-branch access.
  • Creation of efforts to provide a more collegial, inter-personal relationship between members to foster problem solving and less partisanship.

6. Secured an Order from the Ingham County Circuit Court approving a Petition for Approval to Practice Law Pursuant to MCL §450.681. The Oxford Board approved the establishment of a public interest Law Center for the following purposes:

  • Establishing and operating the Michigan Ethics Archive, a legal repository of analysis and opinion related to the integrity of government and the establishment and maintenance of high ethical standards within government.
  • Representation of clients and intervention in legal proceedings where the integrity of government and high ethical standards can be established.

7. Purchased grant writing software for use by a Native student intern of the Native Nations Foundation.

8. Served as fiscal agent for private funding of improvement to the Frank J. Kelley Library in the Michigan Department of Attorney General.

9. Serve as fiscal agent for effort to draft legislation implementing the 77 environmental regulation recommendations of the Office of Regulatory Reinvention.

10. Serve as fiscal agent for an effort to draft a “Michigan Education Finance Act of 2013” to replace the School Aid Act of 1979.


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