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Michigan Public Education Finance Project Alert

The Michigan Public Education Finance Project would like to thank everyone for their contributions to our efforts to draft a new Michigan Public Education Finance Act to replace the existing School Aid Act of 1979. We have talked to hundreds of people and received dozens of emails. We set out to integrate Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way and Any Pace” approach expressed in his Special Message on Education issued April 27, 2011.

The draft of the Michigan Public Education Finance Act of 2013 is aimed at creating a public education funding system that:

  • Creates career ready citizens;
  • Creates a path toward more robust performance-based funding;
  • Promotes individual learning styles;
  • Provides seamless transitions for the pupil between early childhood, elementary, secondary, and post secondary education.

The draft will be posted on the Oxford Foundation Michigan website on Monday morning for public review and comment. The comment period will run through Friday, December 14, 2012. We encourage you to review the draft and provide your comments.


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